Audi RS4

Feb 3 '16 13:54

Three Utrecht residents were killed and another critically injured in a car crash while fleeing from the scene of a burglary in Germany on Monday morning. The trio sped away from a burglary at a telecom shop in Krefeld in a stolen Audi and lost control of the car. The car went off the road, rolled and ended up against a tree. All three Dutch were thrown from the vehicle, German news site reports.

Lady Justice
Mar 23 '15 17:34

Two suspected shooters in the Amsterdam Staatsliedenbuurt assassination case, Adil "Kinker" A. and Anouar "Popeye" B., stood before the court on Monday. Two motorcycle police officers under fire that night were terrified, they told the court, with a reconsruction of the night suggesting Russian-made armour piercing bullets were used, according to NOS. Bullets were found all over the neighborhood after offenders fled the scene.

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