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Lady Justice
Feb 26 '20 13:40

Foundation Stop Online Shaming and are suing porn website for sharing nude images without the permission of the people in them. In addition to professional porn, also contains armature pornography, including secretly filmed material, the organizations said to the Telegraaf.

Oct 10 '19 09:09

The account details of the 250 thousand users of Dutch website have leaked out after a vulnerability on the website was exploited. A hacker captured the members' data and is offering it for sale, NOS reports based on its own research after an anonymous tip. The website is popular among clients of sex workers, who exchange tips, reviews and experiences in the sex industry. 

The problem extends beyond clients of sex workers. Sex workers themselves are also active on the website. They also may want to not be known as a sex worker with their real names. 

An electronic stethoscope
Feb 13 '18 18:08

The Dutch Senate voted in favor of a new law that automatically makes every adult living in the Netherlands an organ donor. Adults will have to explicitly opt-out of being a donor if they do not wish to participate in the life saving medical procedure.

Mar 17 '17 08:04

The Netherlands saw a massive increase in child pornography reports last year. A total of 100,478 photos, videos or websites were reported to the Child Pornography Hotline, an increase of nearly 60 percent compared to 2015. The hotline can't keep up and warns of an "unsustainable and irresponsible situation", hotline director Arda Gerkens said to RTL Nieuws. 

In 69 percent of the reported cases, hotline employees found illegal material. Almost all of it was on Dutch servers.

Apr 25 '16 15:30

Six cases of sexual abuse by Buddhist monks in the Netherlands were reported to the specially established hotline over the past six months. According to Director Arda Gerkens, some of the cases concern matters that are already public, but there are a few new ones too

Nov 2 '15 15:28

An independent reporting center has been launched for victims of sexual abuse within the Buddhist community, in response to the recent reports about sexual abuse among Buddhists.

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