airspace above eastern Ukraine

May 11 '17 09:31

Nearly three years after the MH17 disaster, relatives of the victims are looking into possibilities of suing the Ukraine for not closing its airspace while it was clearly not safe. By failing to close the airspace, the Ukraine is complicit in their loved ones' death, according to the relatives. They also hope that a conviction against the country would urge uther countries to close their airspace in unsafe situations, RTL Nieuws reports.

Oct 15 '15 10:43

According to Olexander Horin, the Ukrainian ambassador in the Netherlands, his country had no reason to close the airspace above the conflict area before the disaster with flight MH17.

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Feb 3 '15 15:29

Almost eight months after Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was brought down in the Donetsk region in Ukraine, the repatriation mission collected more remains and possessions of victims, as well as pieces from the wreckage.

Dec 8 '14 09:40

The European organization for the safety of air navigation Eurocontrol urged the Ukrainian authorities to close the airspace for passenger flights a few days before the disaster with flight MH17.

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