Illegal hotel closed down in Amsterdam West

Amsterdam city center

An illegal hotel was closed down for three months in Amsterdam's West-Indischebuurt earlier this week. The hotel was discovered during extra checks the city is doing this week and next, Het Parool reports.

The illegal hotel was closed due to fire hazards, according to the newspaper. The apartment offered six rooms to rent under names like the Harry Potter Room and the Van Gogh room. Eleven people were staying in the apartment. The illegal hotel was boarded up and the owner and tenant of the apartment were each fined 20,500 euros.

Eight tourists were also found to be staying in a home near Foodhallen in Oud-West. They had paid 4,000 euros to stay there for six nights. Under the city's rules, the home can not accommodate more than four tourists at the same time. The owner was therefore given a 20,500 euros fine.

The municipality also fined two other Amsterdam residents 6,000 each for not reporting holiday rentals.