Two employees of Dutch company missing after Guatemala volcanic eruption

Satellite image of volcano Fuego erupting in Guatemala, 3 June 2018
Satellite image of volcano Fuego erupting in Guatemala, 3 June 2018. (Photo: NASA / Wikimedia Commons)

Two employees of Dutch nursery Dummen Oange have been missing for 10 days, since the eruption of volcano Fuego in Guatemala. The company fears the worst for the two Guatemalan women, one of whom is pregnant, Nicolette Straver of Dummen Orange said to newspaper AD.

"When the volcano erupted we approached all our employees. Approximately 30 employees have now been evacuated", Straver said. "In the first instance, eight people were missing. Then we got hold of four of them and later, thank God, two more."

But the fate of 29-year-old pregnant Raquel and 38-year-old Maria is still unknown. "Because their houses were buried, it is a very dark scenario", Straver said to the newspaper. The company is in close contact with the employees' family. "The family indicated that they do not expect them to live."

According to the Guatemalan authorities, the volcanic eruption already claimed 110 lives and about 200 people are still missing. 

Dummen Orange is providing medicines, clothing, food and fresh water to people in the affected area. "People can use showers and the facilities on our farm. We are investigating how we can further provide support in Guatemala", Straver said.

The Dutch company's establishment in Guatemala is located on the safe side of the volcano. "We are at the foot of the volcano, but on the good side. There is slight damage by ash and pieces of stone, but the damage is not very big. The products all remained intact."

Dummen Orange breeds flowers and plants. They try to combine the favorable properties of plants and develop new varieties. The company's head office is in De Lier, Zuid-Holland.