City launches tourist drug safety campaign for Amsterdam Dance Event

Amsterdam Dance Event 2017
Amsterdam Dance Event 2017. (Photo: Amsterdam Dance Event / Facebook )

The city of Amsterdam launched a drug safety campaign aimed at visitors to the Amsterdam Dance Event, taking place from Wednesday to Sunday. The campaign is aimed at encouraging all ADE attendees, particularly tourists, to seek medical help if they feel unwell after taking drugs, the city announced in a press release.

Amsterdam's stance is that drugs must not be used at dance events like ADE. But despite efforts by the organizers and authorities, it is impossible to completely prevent drug use at such events, according to the city. Amsterdam therefore chose an approach aimed at reducing the risks involved in drug use.

The Amsterdam municipality teamed up with Jellinek, Celebrate Safe, Unity and the ADE organizers to pay extra attention to information, particularly for foreign visitors. The campaign includes an animated film, posters, an information booklet, a social media campaign and information teams.

Jellinek will open an extra test service at 38 Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat, where people can have their drugs tested for harmful substances. All party locations are subject to strict requirements to make sure all parties run smoothly and safely. These requirements include first aid facilities, handing out free water and random searches if necessary. Employees of ADE party locations were also given information about how to deal with alcohol- or drug incidents during parties.

Security guards at events will check visitors for drugs. The possession of drugs is forbidden, regardless of the amount. Drugs will be confiscated and the person carrying them will not be allowed into the event. Under the Dutch tolerance policy, drug carriers will only be prosecuted if they're carrying 'dealer amounts' - more than five pills or more than 0.5 grams of hard drugs. If these amounts of drugs are found, the person carrying will be arrested.