Dutch chef breaks world record with €2,000 burger; says he's had better for £14

The most expensive burger in the world has a price tag of €2,000 and was created by Dutch chef Diego Buik
The most expensive burger in the world has a price tag of €2,000 and was created by Dutch chef Diego Buik. (Photo: @Chefdiego010 / Twitter)

Dutch chef Diego Buik made his way into the Guinness Book of World Records by making a hamburger with a price tag of 2 thousand euros. Whether paying so much for a burger is worth it, probably depends on the eater. Buik himself had a better burger in London for 14 British pounds, he said to food blog Munchies.

Buik is head chef at restaurant South of Huston in The Hague and is known as the unofficial burger king of the Netherlands. He made the expensive burger in Zaandam for International Hamburger Day. The ingredients are listed below:

  • Saffron brioche bun wrapped in gold leaf - 120 euros
  • A special sauce by Saus Guru - 90 euros per bottle
  • French lettuce - 15 euros per head
  • Japanese tomatoes - 80 euros per kilogram
  • A 200 gram patty made with Japanese dry-aged Waygu beef and Black Angus - 645 euros per kilogram
  • Foie gras - 90 euros per kilogram
  • Lobster from the Oosterschelde river, injected with Hermit gin made with water from the same river - 40 euros a kilogram
  • Iberian ham - 160 euros a kilogram
  • Truffle - 695 euros per kilogram
  • And exactly 30 grams of caviar. 

"All those ingredients combined cost almost 1 thousand euros, and that's before I do anything with them. So the sale price for this burger would ultimately be more than 2 thousand euros", Buik said to Munchies.

Buik doesn't plan to add this burger to a menu, but he is open to making it again "If someone wants to eat it, I'm happy to make it. But you have to tell me in advance, because it takes a lot of prep time."

While this burger is the most expensive in the world - and is delicious, according to Buik - it is not necessarily the best in the world. "Byron in London served me the best burger I've ever had: A beef burger on a brioche bun with dried bacon, Byron sauce, tomato, red onion, and aged cheddar. It cost me about 14 British pounds."