Greenhouse gas in Netherlands much higher than expected

greenhouse gas emissions Frank J. (Frank John) Aleksandrowicz Wikimedia commons. ()

Emissions of greenhouse gas methane is much higher in the Netherlands than existing figures would suggest, according to De Correspondent. Since 1990 methane emissions did not decrease by 43 percent, but only by 20 percent, the newspaper reports based on measurements in the field by journalist Han van de Wiel.

Methane gas is a much stronger and more dangerous greenhouse gas than CO2 and is especially released by cattle. Existing figures on this gas are based on estimates and unverifiable claims from the industry - not actual measurements, according to the newspaper.

De Correspondent can't give an exact explanation for the high levels of methane. It is possible that more methane is released by peat meadows, ditches and ponds. It is also possible that the industry releases more methane than reported.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment will investigate the higher measurements, which could affect the Netherlands climate goals. This may mean that the government will have to take additional measures in order to achieve goals set in the Paris.

GroenLinks and animal party PvdD insist that the government takes new, objective measurements.