Escaped Curaçao murderer caught

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In Curaçao, an escaped convict has been caught, after being on the run for two months. Liomar W. was arrested sitting in a car with his father. 

Police fired shots during the arrest action. His father has been wounded, the NOS reports. The 26-year old man was sent to prison for the murder of a Dutch couple in 2005. He got 24 years for the murder, which his sister also had a role in.

W. together with another criminal, Eni C., from the former Bon Futuro prison in Willemstad. They overpowered two wardens before climbing over the prison walls using a long stick. C. was picked up a few days later.

This was W.'s second prison break. In 2009, he was also on the lam for some time. He was picked up by police a few weeks later.