Some 2,000 Dutch tourists on Curacao since borders reopened

Willemstad, Curacao
Willemstad, CuracaoPhoto: kjorgen/DepositPhotos

Since Curacao reopened its borders to tourists from Europe and the Caribbean on July 1, nearly 3 thousand travelers have landed on the island. Over 2 thousand of them are from the Netherlands, the Curacao tourism board announced based on figures for the first 12 days of July, AD reports.

Curacao's borders were closed for around three months due to the coronavirus. The island is satisfied with the current figures. Curacao wants to allow no more than 10 thousand tourists in July, to minimize the risk of a coronavirus outbreak. 

After visitors from the Netherlands, the majority of tourists came from the region - especially Aruba and Bonaire. 92 percent of tourists from Europe are from the Netherlands, the rest from Belgium and Germany. 

Aruba opened its borders to American tourists on July 10, and Sint Maarten plans to do so on August 1. Curacao's borders will remain closed to Americans for the time being, given the large number of coronavirus infections in the country.