Angry relative of Covid-19 patient infected four nurses at Dutch hospital

Four nurses working for the Alrijne hospital group in Zuid-Holland tested positive for Covid-19, after being exposed to the coronavirus by an angry family member of one of their patients. The family member, who also tested positive for the virus, took off his protective gear in the hospital during an argument with the hospital staff, Alrijne confirmed to RTL Nieuws and

The family member did not agree with the treatment given to his loved one and went to discuss it with hospital staff. "After a conversation, the corona infected family member deliberately exposed our employees to the risk of contamination by taking off personal protective equipment," an Alrijne spokesperson said to RTL. 

Four nurses have since tested positive for Covid-19, the respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus. Whether they got it from the family member is impossible to prove. "Nothing can be determined with certainty. But that does not change what happened," the spokesperson said. Alrijne reported the incident tot he police.

"It is understandable that emotions can run high when it comes to the health of loved ones, but this action crossed a line for Alrijne," the spokesperson said to the broadcaster. All employees in the involved department are shocked, he added. "Besides getting sick, the fear about the course of the disease and the fear among colleagues of getting this disease, this situation has far-reaching consequences for business operations of the concerned department."