Unique footage of wolf eating prey in Netherlands

Wolf returning to its kill, March 2020
Wolf returning to its kill, March 2020dooddoetlevenYouTube

Researchers managed to capture the first ever footage of a wolf eating its prey in the Netherlands. The video shows the wolf coming to eat from a deer carcass multiple times, as well as scavengers taking advantage of te wolf's kill. According to researchers from Wolvenmeldpunt, this shows that all of nature benefits from the wolf's work, RTL Nieuws reports.

Researchers from Wolvenmeldpunt coincidentally discovered a fresh deer carcass and found out through DNA testing that it had been killed by a wolf. They decided to install a camera near the carcass, in the hopes that the wolf would return.

And it did. It came back to eat from the carcass five times. "After the wolf, pigs and foxes came into the picture, ravens and buzzards during the day," the researchers said. "It was very busy for a whole week."

The footage was recorded in March, but only released this week.