“Heart of comfort”: Amsterdam boat to pay tribute to Covid-19 victims

Oudezijds Voorburgwal Canal in front of the St. Nicolas Church, Amsterdam
Oudezijds Voorburgwal Canal in front of the St. Nicolas Church, AmsterdamFree On Line Photos / Wikimedia Commons

The city of Amsterdam came up with a special way to pay tribute to all te people who passed away during the coronavirus period. A boat called the "Heart of Comfort" will sail on the Amsterdam canals from Saturday. Those who lost a loved one or just want to pay tribute can leave messages and flowers on the boat.

The heart of comfort will start on July 4, from 16:00. It will sail daily from 16:00 till midnight through Amsterdam until July 11. On July 12 it will go through Diemen and Weesp. 

Mayor of Amsterdam Femke Halsema will place a flower on the boat on July 4. “For many, it has been a dismal time. It is nearly impossible to imagine how hard it is to lose somebody close to you and not be able to say goodbye. For all that have passed away and their relatives, we will let the heart of comfort sail. We invite anybody who has lost somebody close to them to ask for a flower”. Halsema said in a statement. 

The boat can be followed online on Saturday afternoon on www.hartvantroost.nl. Relatives can request a free flower until July 10, from this website. 

At night the boat will be lit up with hundreds of LED lights.