Diversity, inclusivity not a priority for Dutch businesses: study

Little attention is given to diversity and inclusivity in the workplace at businesses in the Netherlands, according to a survey of almost 2 thousand HR professionals by Berenschot, Performa, and AFAS software. Only 20 percent of surveyed companies have an active diversity policy. Diversity and inclusivity have been at the bottom of the 'most important themes' list for years, NOS reports.

"That is worrying," Hans van der Spek, consultant at Berenschot, said to the broadcaster. "Despite social and political attention, it appears that these themes are anything but a top priority now and in the expected future. While the added value of diversity and inclusion has now been proven multiple times."

The perceived importance of a diversity policy differs by sector. Companies in public administration focus most on diversity, with 44 percent of businesses saying they are working on this. While only 15 percent of companies in industry are actively trying to promote diversity and inclusivity.

According to the study, the main reason companies strive for diversity is 'connection to the social vision'. "This means how you as an organization want to relate to your environment. Do I want to profile myself as a company in a diverse way or do I find it important because it improves my business performance? The latter motivation - a positive contribution to the performance of the employees - was number two as the motivation for the HR managers."