Dutch government's coronavirus dashboard launched

The first version of the government's coronavirus dashboard launched on Friday. The dashboard will bring together all the different data regarding the virus, so that it is easier to get an idea of the situation at a glance. The government also hopes that the dashboard will make it easier to detect and control a second wave of the virus, and that it will be useful to scientists researching the virus.

The dashboard contains data on things like the number of coronavirus tests done, the number of positive tests, the number of ICU admissions, and estimates on the number of currently infectious people. Public health institute RIVM developed 'signal values' for these indicators that will indicate when intervention is necessary. 

"Whether action must be taken and where action must be taken is never automatic based on one or a few numbers. This will always require an analysis of the figures and and an administrative weighing," the government said. "If several indicators exceed the signal value, this may prompt  the government to request advice from the Outbreak Management Team regarding further measures."

The dashboard that went live on Friday is still a trial version and does not yet include all the data. The government expects it will be fully functional in the second half of the month. The dashboard is accessible to anyone on this site