Coronavirus outbreak at Hardewijk hospital

At the St Jansdal hospital in Hardewijk, four patients in a non-Covid-19 nursing ward tested positive for the coronavirus. They tested negative when the were admitted. "It concerns four out of a total of 17 patients," care manager Frits van der Velde said to NOS.

The hospital is looking into the source of the infection. According to Van der Velde, there are three options. The patients were infected by a visitor, they got the virus from a hospital employee, or the virus was previously undetected due to a longer incubation period. The entire ward is now under quarantine, he said. "The department will slowly empty as people are discharged. And we will test the employees. If positive cases emerge, we will pass them on to the GGD." Which will do source and contact research. 

Van der Velde is shocked by the outbreak. "The moment you think that things are going in the right direction, you have to again take measures that are less desirable," he said to the broadcaster. The hospital was just scaling up regular care again, and now it has to be scaled down again. A number of patients were transferred to other hospitals and non-emergency surgeries were canceled. The consultation hours at the outpatient clinic will continue. As will oncological care, obstetrics and other urgent care. 

The hospital will be screened intensively over the coming days. Based on this, it will be determined whether more regular care can continue next week. 

According to Van der Velde, the number of coronavirus patients at St Jansdal decreased more slowly than in other hospitals, because "there are a number of hotspots in the area", which cause a continuous influx.