Sixth of Dutch still planning to visit family on Easter; Remember social distance, health auth. says

One in six Netherlands residents still plan on visiting friends and family during Easter, despite Prime Minister Mark Rutte's call to stay home this long weekend, according to a survey conducted by EenVandaag among 27 thousand Dutch. Half of this group expects to see three or more people this weekend. The other half will limit visitors to a maximum of two.

If you are not among the 79 percent of Dutch who will be sticking to the instruction to stay home, at least adhere to social distancing rules, public health institute RIVM stressed to EenVandaag. Stay home as much as possible. Receive as few guests as possible, no more than three. Keep 1.5 meters apart, except with your direct family that lives in the house with you. Only go outside if necessary. Don't visit people over the age of 70 or people with weakened immune system. Definitely do not leave your house or see anyone if you have cold-like symptoms.

"There are many possibilities to celebrate Easter with your own household. Or you can make video calls with family members or friends who live elsewhere," Coen Berends of the RIVM said to EenVandaag. "Do not seek the maximum space within the rules and advice, but look at how you as an individual or household can make the maximum contribution to preventing the spread of this virus."