Covid-19 new reported hospitalizations, fatalities fall; Death toll stands at 1,766

Residences of people being treated in a hospital for coronavirus. April 5, 2020
Residences of people being treated in a hospital for coronavirus. April 5, 2020RIVM

The number of new hospitalizations connected to a coronavirus infection rose by 253, the lowest daily reported increase since March 22, statistics released on Sunday by public health agency RIVM showed. The figures also showed that 116 more patients have died, bringing the Dutch total up to 1,766.

These new increases reported by the RIVM were not exclusive to a single day, but included additions made to several days as medical facilities caught up on reporting the events to local and regional health authorities.

Single-day admissions in a hospital have mostly fallen during a ten-day period beginning March 24, when there were 556 new hospital admissions, to April 2 when there were 241. A downward trend was also seen among deaths that occurred on a single day, which peaked at 146 on March 28. That number fell to 124 on Saturday, with some cases registered by the RIVM on Saturday and others on Sunday, a number which could still rise slightly as more data is reported to authorities.

Another 1,224 people registered a positive test for coronavirus, the RIVM said. So far, 17,851 people have been diagnosed with the viral infection. As of early Friday about 75,500 people had been tested, with anywhere from four to eight thousand people expected to be tested over the weekend.

Some 1,255 people were being treated in intensive care units for Covid-19 symptoms, a three percent increase since Saturday morning, including 1,211 who tested positive for coronavirus. The past seven days saw 112 people die in intensive care units, whose staff also released 34 patients after a successful recovery, said Stichting NICE, a nonprofit organization monitoring the status of intensive care units in the Netherlands.

To date, the ICUs have treated 1,817 Covid-19 patients who definitively tested positive for coronavirus, of which 272 have died. Another 80 patients were either discharged to their home by the ICU, or to another ward where they were nursed and released. About 250 were likely still in hospital care on Sunday after their release from an ICU.

In total, 6,875 in the Netherlands who were diagnosed with a coronavirus infection required hospitalization at some point. Amsterdam, the most populous city in the Netherlands, was also home to the most residents with a coronavirus infection who were treated in a hospital.

Some 323 of the city's inhabitants were hospitalized, the RIVM said.