Campaign to highlight initiatives to help each other during coronavirus crisis

Royal Family show support for workers fighting coronavirus
King Willem-Alexander, Princess Alexia, Queen Maxima, Princess Ariane and Princess Amalia cheer in support of healthcare workers fighting the spread of coronavirus. March 17, 2020RVD / Koninklijk HuisTwitter

Idealistic advertisement foundation SIRE is launching a campaign on Friday to highlight the nice things people in the Netherlands do for each other during the coronavirus crisis.

Nice things like applauding healthcare workers or shopping for elderly neighbors can be shared with hashtag #DASLIEF, referring to a SIRE action from last year #DOESLIEF calling on people to be kinder towards each other, reports. 

SIRE hopes that #DASLIEF will also inspire others to do something nice for those around them, and "thereby further increase the sense of togetherness", the foundation said.

The new campaign will be advertised on radio, television, posters and on social media.