Justice Min. furious over crowds flocking to NL beaches, parks

Minister Ferdinand Grapperhaus of Justice and Security was infuriated by people flocking to parks, beaches and forests in groups over the weekend. "This is embarrassing and completely wrong. Let me be clear about that," he said in an interview with EenVandaag on Sunday evening. "It is embarrassing to see people in healthcare working their fingers to the bone, and that 40 people are walking through a forest a little further away."

"We have instructions that tell you exactly what to do as residents. So stick to that," Grapperhaus said, stressing that the instructions are there to protect vulnerable people from the coronavirus and to prevent it spreading too quickly for the healthcare system to handle. "Really leave your home as little as possible." If you need some fresh air, make sure you're at least 1.5 meters away from everyone else. Leave the family at home when you go shopping, he said. "Only go to the store when necessary and when the store is as empty as possible. Wait your turn."

The Minister did not want to say whether any further restrictions will be implemented, like what is happening in Belgium, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. Sources in The Hague told EenVandaag that serious thought is being given to a complete lockdown. Grapperhaus said that there will be another crisis meeting of Ministers and experts from health institute RIVM on Monday afternoon and evening, where the necessity of further measures will be discussed.