Staffer at Amsterdam’s OLVG hospital likely ill with coronavirus

Hospital OLVG in Amsterdam
The OLVG hospital in Amsterdam Oost. Feb. 25, 2014Photo: Apus apusWikimedia CommonsCC-BY-SA

An employee of the OLVG hospital in Amsterdam is likely infected with coronavirus Covid-19. After returning from a visit to northern Italy on February 23rd, the employee spent four days working in the departments of oral diseases, dental and facial surgery at the hospital's locations in Amsterdam Oost and -West, NOS reports.

The employee was tested for Covid-19 after they started showing minor symptoms. The first test came back positive. The results of the second, definitive test are not yet in. 

The outpatient departments of oral diseases, dental and facial services at both OLVG locations will likely be closed for two weeks, as many employees were sent home as a precaution. They had contact with the infected employee and were instructed to monitor their health for symptoms of Covid-19. 

The hospital is contacting patients who had contact with the employee. They will also be instructed to monitor their health and contact their doctor if they develop symptoms. 

On Tuesday night, the Ikazia Hospital in Rotterdam and the Jeroen Bosch Hospital in Den Bosch announced that one patient at each of the hospitals tested positive for the coronavirus. The Diakonessenhuis in Utrecht may also have two coronavirus patients. They have been tested, and the results are expected during the course of Wednesday afternoon.