Coronavirus: KLM waiving all fees to re-book trips

KLM and Air France planes at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris
KLM and Air France planes at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Parishzparisien@gmail.comDepositPhotosDeposit Photos

With Covid-19 diagnoses popping up in more and more countries, KLM and Air France decided to waive re-booking fees for the coming weeks. The spread of the coronavirus means that more countries are implementing travel restrictions, and governments are issuing negative travel advice for more destinations.

KLM and Air France travelers can re-book their flights for free up to and including March 31st, and for trips with departure dates up to and including May 31st. Usually, the re-booking costs range from 70 to 150 euros. If the new ticket is more expensive, the passenger will still have to pay the difference.

KLM is also offering the option of exchanging the ticket for a voucher, which can be used for a ticket from KLM, Air France or Delta Air for up to one year after issue. 

On Tuesday, KLM subsidiary Transavia announced that it is canceling some of its flights to Italy for the time being. The Covid-19 outbreak in northern Italy has resulted in a decline in demand for flights to the region. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs also updated its travel advice for Italy, warning travelers to avoid the northern parts of the country unless absolutely necessary.