Red Cross fundraiser launched against spread of coronavirus

People wearing masks in Beijing, China
People wearing masks in Beijing, ChinaImaginechina-EditorialDepositPhotos

The Dutch branch of the Red Cross launched a campaign on Monday asking the people of the Netherlands to contribute money in the fight against the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. The organization says it needs the money for ambulance transportation, psychological and social assistance in China, and to help educate the public to prevent the virus from spreading.

The Red Cross opened up bank transfer donation address Giro 7244 to handle the charitable contributions. It is also accepting donations via the organization’s Dutch website.

“It is especially important that the populace receive proper information about hygiene,” the Red Cross said. “That is the best way to prevent further spread,” the organization added.

So far, coronavirus covid-19 has spread to 26 countries on five continents, the Red Cross said. The traveling public “increases the chances that the virus will also show up in countries already dealing with multiple crises,” the non-profit stated.

Money collected will also be used to distribute relief supplies to quarantined people in South Korea. Thousands of bottles of disinfectant were also expected to be distributed in congested public areas in Mongolia.