No corona virus quarantine planned for Schiphol; No new precautions at KLM

A KLM plane at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam (Photo: David.gaya / Wikimedia Commons)A KLM plane at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam (Photo: David.gaya / Wikimedia Commons)

The Dutch health authorities as yet see no reason to erect a quarantine zone at Schiphol airport due to the outbreak of the new Coronavirus in China. Dutch airline KLM is also not taking any additional measures as yet, the airline said in a statement to passengers on Wednesday morning. 

According to the European center for disease control ECDC, the chance of the Coronavirus coming to Europe is small. In addition, there are no direct flights between the Netherlands and Wuhan - the Chinese province with the most Corona infections. 

KLM is in contact with the health and aviation authorities about the virus, the airline said on Wednesday. "At this time, it is not necessary to take any precautionary measures or make changes to our flight schedule," KLM said. "We are closely monitoring the situation." KLM advises travelers to keep an eye on its website, where any changes will be reported.

Dutch public health institute RIVM updated its advice on visiting China, saying that no new measures are needed as yet based on instructions from the World Health Organization. The RIVM already advises travelers against visiting markets in the country with live animals, and to adhere to general hygiene measures. General hygiene includes things like washing your hands regularly, showering, keeping your home clean - especially areas where you prepare food, and washing up after being in contact with animals and livestock, among other things.  

The Coronavirus is a brand new virus that broke out first in the Wuhan province of China. It is related to the Sars virus, which caused worldwide panic a few years ago. So far nine people are reported to have died of the Coronavirus and some 440 people are infected in 13 provinces of China. Infections were also reported in the United States, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.