Law Changes 2020: Education and Culture

Media Park museum Hilversum
Close-up of the Sound and Vision Institute's colored exterior wall in Hilversum. RonaldWilfredDepositPhotosDeposit Photos

The Dutch government is implementing a large number of rules, regulations, and law changes at the stroke of midnight on January 1. Below is a summary of changes made in the category Education and Culture:

Good news for entrepreneurs who sell e-books. From January 1, 2019, digital books, newspapers and magazines will fall under the low-VAT rate of 9 percent. This concerns the electronic delivery or lending of a book, daily newspaper, weekly newspaper, magazine or other publications that appear at least three times per year.

Broadcasters need to maintain a certain paid membership level to keep their time slots on public airwaves. The mandatory membership count for public service broadcasters will only happen on December 31, 2020, because the approvals and concessions for public service broadcasters were also extended by one year.