Net closing around Ridouan Taghi; authorities focused on island in Persian Gulf: report

Ridouan Taghi with a sketch aged to show what he may look like today
Ridouan Taghi with a sketch aged to show what he may look like todayPhoto: Politie/Opsporing Verzocht

Riduouan Taghi, considered the most wanted fugitive criminal in the Netherlands, is likely staying on Kish - an island in the Persian Gulf, an about two-hour boat ride from Dubai, the Telegraaf reports based on "multiple sources" within and outside the investigative services. The Netherlands has no extradition treaty with Kish.

In July the Telegraaf wrote that Taghi was "almost certainly" hiding in Dubai. 

Taghi and the drug-centered criminal organization he allegedly runs were linked to at least nine assassinations and a series of failed or never implemented murder plots by Nabil B., a criminal turned key witness. B.'s lawyer Derk Wiersum was murdered at his home in Amsterdam in September. The authorities believe he was killed because he was representing the key witness. 

Last month newspaper AD reported that Ridouan Taghi is part of a "super cartel" that controls around a third of the cocaine trade in Europe. Other members of this cartel include leaders from the Italian, Irish and Bosnian mafias, the newspaper wrote based on verified documents in its possession.

The Public Prosecutor also linked Taghi to outlaw motorcycle gang Caloh Wagoh. In a hearing last month against 12 members of the biker gang, suspected of involvement in at least three assassinations, the Prosecutor said that it has evidence Taghi ordered Caloh Wagoh to commit murders on his behalf.