Sharp increase in mushroom poisonings this year

So far this year, 28 people have become ill in the Netherlands after eating self-picked mushrooms. A significant increase compared to last year, when around 11 people contracted mushroom poisoning, AD reports based on figures from the national poisons information center NVIC.

The vast majority of the poisoning incidents happened in October, after mushrooms started growing en masse. By September, there were only nine cases of mushroom poisoning. 

The NVIC partly attributes the increase in poisoning incidents to the excessive number of mushrooms growing this year. This is due to the ideal weather conditions - rain after a warm summer caused high humidity. 

A large proportions of the patients are not from the Netherlands. According to the NVIC, this may be because they confused mushrooms that grow in the Netherlands with an edible variety from their own country. 

The NVIC advises against eating mushrooms you pick yourself, especially if you are visiting another country.