Furious fans throw fireworks at Feyenoord bus as players return to Rotterdam

Feyenoord fans were not happy with the 4-0 loss the Rotterdam team suffered in an Eredivisie match against Ajax in Amsterdam on Sunday. Around 300 furious fans gathered at training complex 1908 and pelted the Feyenoord bus with fireworks and glasses as the players returned home, AD reports.

Even before the players arrived back in Rotterdam, there was a lot of angry yelling and shouting, according to the newspaper. Supporters jumped onto a police bus, which drove off with howling sirens, forcing the men to jump off. 

When the players arrived, the supporters went wild, throwing whatever they had in their hands at the bus and shouting at the top of their lungs. Under police supervision, a number of players started conversations with the supporters. "We are just as disappointed as you are", Leroy Fer could be heard saying to angry fans.

The Feyenoord fans are extremely dissatisfied with coach Jaap Stam, as could also be seen from a stream of criticism on social media. The hashtag #StamOut was trending on Twitter on Sunday evening. "Jaap, please do us all a favor and fuck off", one person wrote on Twitter. "You should be ashamed", another said. 

After the players talked to their fans, both fans and players started heading home. No arrests were made, the Rotterdam police said on Twitter.

"I can imagine the anger of the supporters very well", Feyenoord player Luciano Narsingh said to NU.nl. "You can lose a match, but it is about the way in which you do it. We stand for passion and struggle and if you then fall behind Ajax 4-0 at halftime, then I can understand that the fans are upset."

"This is also very painful for us as players. We are embarrassed", Ridgeciano Haps added. "I am still convinced that we can get out on top, but then everyone has to go in the same direction."