Amsterdam to restrict car traffic even more

Tram at Amsterdam Central Station, 23 Jan 2019
Tram at Amsterdam Central Station, 23 Jan 2019Photo: NL Times

Amsterdam plans to restrict cars in the city even more in order to keep the city accessible and reduce emissions. The Amsterdam office of mayor and aldermen presented a 'Car-less Agenda' with 27 measures to reduce car traffic in the city. The package of measures is mainly focused on investing in public transit and improving bicycle and pedestrian connections, NOS reports.

The most striking measure in the package is that the city wants to let children up to 12 years old travel for free on public transport on Wednesday afternoons and weekends. This measure is expected to be implemented in 2021. With this measure "we hope to be able to entice many more people to use the high-quality public transportation network the city has", Traffic & Transport alderman Sharon Dijksma said.

Other measures include an experiment with running the subway at night, reducing the number of parking permits, and reducing the number of parking spaces in the city by around 10 thousand. Bike-sharing bicycles will also be placed at subway stations, as is already happening at NS stations. The city hopes to realize these plans by 2025 at the latest.

These measures, which are expected to cost between 500 million and 700 million euros, are intended to keep Amsterdam accessible and help achieve the city's goal to be emissions-free by 2030. The Amsterdam city council will discuss the Car-less Agenda next year. 


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