Hand grenade taped to door of Utrecht clothing store

Netherlands police uniform
A police officer walking the beat in Amsterdam. 5 May 2015Photo: Joeppoulssen / DepositPhotos

The police are investigating a possible explosive found at a business in the Utrecht neighborhood of Leidsche Rijn on Monday morning. Photos from the scene shows a hand grenade taped to the door of clothing store Mon Amis on Parijsboulevard.

The possible explosive was discovered early on Monday morning, AD reports. The Ministry of Defense's explosive disposal department removed the device from the scene and is investigating whether it is a real grenade.

The police closed down a large part of the boulevard while the explosive experts examined the devise. Most of the area is open to the public again, though the police are still investigating around the store.

Passersby told AD that Mon Amis, a store that sells expensive designer clothing for women, never has any customers. Another bystander called it a "weird store".