Dutch ships to provide aid in Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian destruction in Bahamas, 2 September 2019
Hurricane Dorian destruction in Bahamas, 2 September 2019Photo: Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater/Wikimedia Commons

The Netherlands is sending two naval ships to provide emergency relief in the Bahamas. The island group was hit by Hurricane Dorian this week. Dozens of people died and at least 70 thousand residents are in need of immediate help, according the United Nations

Zr.Ms. Johan de Witt and Zr.Ms. Snellius are currently preparing to offer emergency relief to the island group, RTL Nieuws reports. The Dutch Navy ships are already in the Caribbean because of a large Caribbean Coast emergency relief exercise, the Ministry of Defense said.

The Bahamas requested help through the Caribbean Emergency Management Agency.

According to the UN, at east 70 thousand of the Bahamas' total 400 thousand resident are in immediate need of drinking water, food, medicine and shelter.