Dutch homeowners willing, but not eager to switch to natural gas-free living

Most Dutch largely accept the government's decision to switch to homes that are no longer connected to the natural gas network, but don't take action themselves to achieve it, the social and cultural planning office SCP said in a report on Thursday, NOS reports.

Homeowners are particularly concerned about the affordability and effect of the measures. They are also uncertain about the government's policy in this field and lack knowledge about what will replace natural gas, the SCP said. This makes homeowners hesitant to make the switch, according to the planning office.

The Climate Agreement states that 1.5 million Dutch homes must be off the gas network by 2030, and 7 million by 2050.

Last month a study by environmental organization Natuur & Milieu showed that Dutch consumers are increasingly opting for cooking on electric stoves, instead of gas. Last year almost three quarters of hobs sold were electric. "In the kitchen, the switch has happened", Rob van Tilburg of Natuur & Milieu said. "The Dutch opt for electric, natural gas is out. The next step now is heating."

The popularity of electric heat pumps is also increasing, though most of the home heating equipment sold last year were still gas boilers.