Over half of Dutch want to make their home more sustainable

Solar panel installation
Solar panel installationPhoto: elenathewise/DepositPhotos

An ever-growing group of Dutch want to make their homes more sustainable. 55 percent are currently seriously considering taking sustainability measures in their home. For nearly 60 percent, saving money is the most important reason to go green, according to a survey by Panalwizard among 1,022 Dutch adults with a rental or owner-occupied home, AD reports.

55 percent of respondents said that they are now more positive about energy saving measures, like solar panels or a heat pump, than they were last year. The willingness to take sustainability measures is highest in the age group 30 to 39 years, followed by young people up to 29 years, and then the age group 40 to 39 years. Older people above the age of 60 are least willing to make their homes more sustainable. 

While respondents are willing to pay for sustainability measures themselves, 72 percent of them think that such measures are not affordable for the average consumer. Ibrahim Agdere of Offerteadviseur, which commissioned the survey, thinks that people do not pay enough attention to subsidies. "If, for example, you decide to purchase a solar water heater or heat pump, you quickly qualify for a subsidy of up to 1,000 euros. You can deduct the VAT for solar panels and a netting arrangement will apply for a few more years", he said to the newspaper.