Still problems at Schiphol; KLM scraps 61 flights

KLM Boeing 737-700, PH-BGP at Schiphol Airport
KLM Boeing 737-700, PH-BGP at Schiphol AirportSaschaporsche / Wikimedia Commons

A fuel supply problem at Schiphol on Wednesday is still causing troubles at the airport on Thursday afternoon. Although the problem has been solved, the airport is still struggling to catch up to its planned flight schedule, a Schiphol spokesperson said to

KLM canceled a total of 61 of its flights scheduled for Thursday, a KLM spokesperson said to the newspaper. "We are still very busy restarting our organization", the spokesperson said.

As of 1:00 p.m., the flight schedule on Schiphol's website listed one canceled and 10 delayed departures and 20 canceled and 42 delayed arrivals for the rest of Thursday.

Travelers are advised to keep a close eye on arrival and departure times via the Schiphol site or app, or through their airline. This also applies to people coming to pick friends or family members up at the airport - check the actual flight information before leaving for the airport. 

The refueling problems at Amsterdam's largest airport started at around 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday. At 9:30 p.m. the airport reported that the refueling system was starting up again. 11 minutes later planes started refueling. By that time over 250 flights had been canceled, and some 450 delayed for hours. 

"Due to a fault in Aircraft Fuel Supply's system, a third party company that controls aircraft fuel supply, planes at Schiphol couldn't be refueled yesterday. This caused a disruption in our flight schedule yesterday", Schiphol said on its website on Thursday morning. "Because of yesterday's consequences, we also expect a somewhat disrupted day today. As a result, travelers can experience delays and possible cancelations. We understand that this situation can be very annoying and inconvenient for travelers."