Missing Hague kids staying at parents' old house in Raqqa, mother says

Missing Ahmad kids from left to right - Tala, Sharifa, Berivan, and Hain
Missing Ahmad kids from left to right - Tala, Sharifa, Berivan, and HainPhoto: Politie

Four young kids abducted from The Hague by their father last month, are now staying at their parents' old home in Raqqa, Syria, according to their mother Rasha Saleh. She desperately wants to go and get them back, but she doesn't dare to. "He wants me to come by so he can kill me", the 28-year-old mother said to Omroep West.

Rasha Saleh and her family came to the Netherlands almost four years ago. After moving around a bit, she, her husband and children ended up in The Hague. She has been living there for three years. First with her husband Mostafa, but their marriage fell apart. After that she lived with their two youngest, 3-year-old Sharifa and 2-year-old Tala. While 7-year-old Hain and 5-year-old Berivan lived with Mostafa elsewhere in The Hague. 

"There is a visiting arrangement", Rasha Saleh said to the broadcaster. "We alternate every weekend. Sometimes he also picks them up from school. That is easier because he lives closer." On June 21st, Mostafa picked the kids up from school for his weekend. A few days later, Rasha Saleh realized that he had taken them out of the country.

She has no idea how her youngest children could have been taken out of the EU, as they have no passports. "Mostafa most likely went from Germany via Greece to Syria. He even called from Germany. My oldest two children have passports, the youngest two do not. It is strange that it was apparently not properly checked."

She is in contact with Mostafa. "He sends photos of our children. They are now in our old house in Raqqa. I also let the police and other authorities know, but nobody can do anything." The messages Mostafa sends, also include threats. "If I go to Syria, he will murder me. I can't go there. I do not dare."