Police investigating out of control exam stunt at Brabant school

An exam stunt at VMBO school Het Hooghuis in Oss got completely out of hand last week. Masked pupils ran through the corridors, throwing things and kicking open doors. One person was injured, and other pupils feared they were under attack. The police are investigating the incident, BN De Stem reports.

The incident happened at the Zuid location of the VMBO school last week Wednesday. "Some children really panicked, they thought there was an attack", one pupil said to the newspaper.

According to pupils, a caretaker was injured in a struggle with one of the pupils involved in the stunt - traditionally pulled by pupils about to write their final exams. "She grabbed the boy when he ran past", a pupil said to BN De Stem. "But he pulled himself loose and slammed a pack of flour against her head. She really had a big lump."

After the stunt, the other pupils were gathered in the auditorium. "Then we were told it was an exam stunt and that we had to go home."

Het Hooghuis itself hasn't yet responded to the incident. Pupils of the school told BN De Stem that the involved pupils are no longer welcome at school, will not be allowed to attend their graduation ceremony, and have to pay for the cleaning costs."

School director Ilja Arts refused to answer BN's specific questions, but said in an email: "When students have ideas for fun actions, we embrace it. However, it is never the intention that these get so out of hand that damages to people or property result. The school is now running as normal and order has been restored. We have discussed the topic extensively in classes."