Dutch gov’t promises help to all homeless young people

State Secretary Paul Blokhuis of Public Health, Welfare and Sports launched a new action program aimed at helping the over 10 thousand homeless young people in the Netherlands. The program will launch immediately in 10 test municipalities, with the aim of getting all the homeless young people the help they need by 2021, NOS reports.

The young people in the test municipalities will receive a counselor to provide support. “We’ll help look for affordable housing, debt counseling, work, education and good care and support. This way we do not lose sight of these young people, we’ll only let go of them when the foundation is in order”, Blokhuis said.

The State Secretary called his plans ambitious, but he also believes that it is unacceptable that 10 thousand young people are falling through the cracks. “Young people can often no longer see the forest for the trees. I find it no more than normal that we take young people by the hand when they need support”, he said, according to the broadcaster.