Netflix showing different subscription prices on different browsers

Netflix is currently showing different prices for its Premium and Standard subscriptions in the Netherlands based on what web browser is used to access the site, security expert Gert van Dijk wrote on Twitter. According to Van Dijk, in Google Chrome a Premium subscription costs 13.99 euros, on Firefox the same subscription costs 15.99 eruos. decided to check it out and found a Premium subscription for 17.99 euros on Chrome and for 15.99 euros on Safari.

According to, once the user clicks to subscribe, the original price of 13.99 eruos for a Premium subscription is shown, no matter what browser. If you log into an existing account, Netflix also shows the original prices.

A short while ago Italian Netflix users noticed that the prices varied strongly and sometimes shot up considerably, according to Netflix then said that this was a test "to understand how users rate Netflix". 

Netflix confirmed to that what's happening in the Netherlands is a test, but stressed that "not everyone will see this test and we will not necessarily introduce these prices in the future".