Vast majority of Dutch worried about disappearing birds, flowers

The vast majority of Dutch are worried about the disappearance of flowers, insects and birds in the countryside, according to the National Landscape Survey by nature conservation service Natuurmonumenten. The service calls on the government to make protecting the landscape a priority when making spatial plans, ANP reprots.

The survey was conducted among over 43 thousand adults and 1,600 children. 81 percent of adults are concerned about developments in the landscape in which they live. And 76 percent of children said they worry about the disappearance of animals like butterflies, bees, birds and deer.

"People notice that our landscape is becoming quieter and more colorless: birds and flowers you hear and see less and less. Characteristic landscape elements such as wooded banks and ditches are disappearing and business parks are expanding", said Marc van den Tweel, managing director of Natuurmonumenten. "In a landscape where nature is under pressure and at the same time homes, businesses and energy generation require space, careful coordination and integration is required."

92 percent of respondents think that the government should take responsibility for protecting the landscape. "Because then we might prevent losing nature", one child answered the question about why the landscape needs to be protected.