Women more likely to lose managerial function through demotion

Women are less likely to retain a leading position if they are demoted to a lower position than men, social and cultural planning office SCP said in a new report. As a result, fewer women hold top positions than men, according to the planning office, ANP reports.

At least 58 percent of women who are demoted are given a job in which they do not have a leading role, according to SCP. This applies to 37 percent of men. On average 40 percent of both men and women are demoted at some point in their career. A third of people who lose a managerial position through demotion, are back in a manager position three years later. 

According to SCP, the difference between men and women in top jobs also has to do with the fact that women work part-time more often than men. Many companies only want full-time managers, the planning office said.