Broadcaster revokes pro-diversity party leader's invitation to be guest editor

Tunahan Kuzu (Photo: Tunahan Kuzu/Facebook)Tunahan Kuzu (Photo: Tunahan Kuzu/Facebook)

Broadcaster WNL uninvited DENK leader Tunahan Kuzu from being a guest editor on current affairs program Goedemorgen Nederland, because the broadcaster thinks that he does not sufficiently guarantee press freedom in the Netherlands, and NOS report.

The current affairs program is inviting a different political leader every day to discuss the Provincial States election that is taking place on March 20th. Wednesday morning was Kuzu's turn.

"Three weeks ago I was called with the request: 'Would you like to be guest editor as well?' Three days ago I got the message that it is not going to happen. I am here as a guest and that is indicative of the society. A distinction is made on the basis of ethnic and political background", Kuzu said on Goedemorgen Nederland.

According to presenter Maaike Timmerman, the reason for the withdrawn invitation was the "spirited talks" Kuzu had with NTR about television program De Nieuwe Maan last week. Kuzu thinks the program is too critical about the multicultural society. "Our editor-in-chief thinks it's not right for you to act as guest editor after all of your attacks on press freedom. That you as the leader of a political party interfere with the content of a program, he does not find okay, Timmerman said to Kuzu.

On the program, Kuzu said that he considers WNL a "dredging broadcaster" that "operates the purest form of sewer journalism". 

WNL editor-in-chief Bert Huisjes told NRC that he decided not to invite Kuzu as guest editor, because according to him DENK "does not seem to understand how press freedom works in the Netherlands."



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