Cop's son targeted in Zwolle explosions; grenade previously found at son's club: report

Two explosions in Zwolle on Tuesday morning seem to be aimed at Bob Kooistra, owner of night club Bruut where a hand grenade was tied to the door last year. The explosions happened at his parents' home. Kooistra's father is a detective with the police. And Kooistra himself regularly stays at his parents' home, local residents told De Stentor.

The two explosions happened on Hanselaarmate in Zwolle-Zuid at around 4:30 a.m. on Tuesday. The police believe hand grenades were used, according to the newspaper. Remains of an explosive were found on the street in front of the home. The second explosion seemed to have happened in the backyard of their neighbors. According to the neighbors, the explosive was likely thrown over the fence and then rolled into their garden. The explosions damaged at least one car and shattered the windows of the neighbors' home. 

The targeted home is registered in Bob Kooistra's father's name, who is a police detective. Kooistra's security business, BKBD, is also registered at that address.

Kooistra has been facing trouble since he bought Bruut in June 2018. He told the newspaper that he bought the club to help the previous owner, who was facing bankruptcy. In July the Tax Authority announced the forced sale of the entire company inventory, due to tax debts inherited from the previous owner, and former employees went to court to demand their outstanding salaries. Kooistra barely escaped bankruptcy himself.

Two months later Kooistra was busy renovating the club on Voorstraat when a hand grenade was tied to the club's door. A week before this incident, the car of the club's financial advisor went up in flames. The police believe arson was involved, according to De Stentor. The municipality decided to close the club while the police investigate these incidents. 

Speaking to RTV Oost, Kooistra called Tuesday morning's explosions "intimidation" and "a cowardly attack".