Best performing primary schools in Zeeland, worst in Noord-Holland

Primary school classroom
Primary school classroom. (Photo: racorn/DepositPhotos)

Of all the Dutch provinces, primary schools in Zeeland on average achieved the best results on the final test in group 8. Primary schools in Noord-Holland performed the worst, according to RTL Nieuws' annual school research. 

RTL compared the results of the final tests of schools, also taking into account to composition of schools - some schools have more pupils with a disadvantage than others. The broadcaster calculated a final mark for over 6,100 primary schools to indicate how good or bad the school results were in the final test. The average result came out at 7. A total of 79 schools scored an insufficient, and 90 schools scored higher than an 8.5. 

Zeeland scored the best of all Dutch provinces. The 187 primary schools in the province received an average of 7.3. Only one school scored lower than a 6 and seven schools received an 8.5 or higher. On the bottom of the list is Noord-Holland. The 864 primary schools in the province scored an average of 6.8.

Like in the past, RTL found that religious schools like Islamic (7.4) and reformational (7.3) schools generally achieve higher scores than for example public (6.9) and anthroposophic (6.6) schools. Schools in the countryside also score better than schools in the large cities.

The fact that Zeeland is mostly countryside and have relatively many reformational schools at least party explain the high scores on average. Though the broadcaster adds that the highest scoring non-reformational schools are also in Zeeland. 

Average scores per province:

  • Zeeland - 7.3
  • Limburg - 7.2
  • Friesland - 7.1
  • Overijssel - 7.1
  • Groningen - 7.1
  • Noord-Brabant - 7.0
  • Zuid-Holland - 7.0
  • Drenthe - 7.0
  • Gelderland - 7.0
  • Flevoland - 7.0
  • Utrecht - 6.9
  • Noord-Holland 6.8