ATMs disappearing from Dutch streets due to bombings: report

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Banks are increasingly removing their ATMs from Dutch streets due to ATM bombings. People living around ATMs fear for their safety. ING bank alone closed 170 out of its total 508 ATMs in the last two years, the Telegraaf reports. 

No less than eight of the 10 ATM bombings committed in Amsterdam over the past two months involved ABN Amro ATMs. "Our first priority is to repair the damage. Then we'll see whether the machine returns", ABN spokesperson Geert van der Varst said to the newspaper. "We are faced with a dilemma every time. There are local residents who want to get rid of he machine, on the other hand there are residents who would like to keep a point where they can withdraw cash."

ABN Amro is surprised that its ATMs keep getting targeted. According to the bank, the ATM bombers didn't get away with any cash in any of the recent bombings. Once there is an explosion, the safe containing the money is blocked. 

The number of ATM bombings are on the decrease, according to the newspaper. In 2018 a total of 40 ATMs were blown open, 22 fewer than the year before. 


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