Ex-wife accuses populist MP of forced sex, threats

Geert Wilders and Dion Graus
Geert Wilders and Dion Graus. (Photo: Dion Graus / Facebook )

PVV parliamentarian Dion Graus' ex-wife pressed charges against him, accusing the MP of forcing her to have sex with third parties, threatening her on multiple occasions and once hitting her, the Telegraaf reports. The couple separated last year. 

According to the newspaper, the woman told the police that Graus forced her to have sex with other men during their relationship. Through mental manipulation he made her think that she had to pay his private security guards back in this way. She said that Graus sees threats everywhere, and as he did not receive permanent security from the government, he arranged it himself.

"I was forced to press charges against my husband, whom I trusted fully for years, because of psychological abuse as well as multiple sexual offenses", she said in a statement to the Telegraaf. "That I am a victim is a fact that I will learn to live with, but the higher goal is recognition for former and future victims of psychological violence and forced sex with third parties in a marriage."

Graus denies all the accusations. "None of it is true", he said to the newspaper. According to him, his ex is psychologically confused and is making stuff up because she can not deal with the divorce. "There is a lot more to it, she's completely losing it", he said, stressing that she is under treatment.

PVV leader Geert Wilders said in response: "Dion Graus absolutely denied all allegations to me; without proof to the contrary, I can not help but assume that this is the case."

The police, Public Prosecutor, and Rijksrecherche - the department that handles investigations in government departments and services - refused to comment to the newspaper.