Belgian Yellow Vests protest cuts traffic to Maastricht

Yellow Vest
A high-visibility vest, symbol of the Yellow Vests protestsphoto: Magnus Mertens / Otto Schraubinger / Wikimedia Commons

A Yellow Vests protest in Belgium briefly blocked that country's traffic from crossing the border into the Dutch city of Maastricht on Wednesday night. The blockade on the E25 highway in Voeren, Belgium, was just a few hundred meters away from the border point.

Dutch authorities assisted their Belgian counterparts in controlling the protest.

About 20 Yellow Vest demonstrators were involved. They allegedly set a fire using pallets and rubber tires, according to L1.

Authorities doused the fire with water after midnight on Thursday. Police then moved in and reportedly arrested a few people.

One witness told L1 three people were arrested by 12:30 a.m. Dutch police promptly returned to the Netherlands.

A similar incident also cut off Belgian traffic near a German border crossing.