Ede families invite lonely people to Christmas dinner

Christmas tree
Christmas treePhoto: Anonymous

A number of families in Ede, along with volunteer organization Malkander, offered 24 lonely people a spot at their Christmas dinner table on Tuesday. The goal was to make sure that people who are usually alone on Christmas could still have a fun day, NOS reports.

This initiative was started by Daan Overeem and his wife Marilu Kessele last year. "There are all sorts of initiatives just before Christmas, but on the days itself it's quiet. We just want people who feel lonely to have a great day, because the Christmas days can be most painful", Overeem said to NOS.

Harm from Ede was one of those who had Christmas dinner with Overeem and Kessele on Tuesday. His wife passed away four years ago and he was delighted to spend Christmas with someone. "Being alone for days on end, I do not like it. The couch really does not talk back", he said to the broadcaster. "I'm very grateful that this was possible. If it is up to me, it can be Christmas every day. 


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