Motorist wanted for stabbing jogger connected to two other cases


A motorist wanted for hitting a 18-year-old jogger with his car and then stabbing her in Egmond aan den Hoef last week, may also have attacked two other women. The two other women were also hit by a car in Castricum a few days before the teenager was attacked, the Telegraaf reports.

The two other victims are a 52-year-old woman who was jogging at the time and a 18-year-old woman who was on her bicycle. They were hit by a car on Zanddijk between Limmen and Egmond-Binnen on November 22nd. The jogger was injured on her arm, the cyclist sustained a collapsed lung.

According to the police, the injuries the two women sustained and the damage to their clothing led to the suspicious that they were also stabbed.

The jogger in Castricum said that the car drove off in the direction of Heiloo after hitting her. The cyclist said the motorist sped off towards Westerweg. Both said they were hit by a large car, but could not give further details. 

The police call on witnesses to come forward.