Painting found in thrift store sold for €30,000 on auction

A sunny day in the dunes by Johan Aarts
A sunny day in the dunes by Johan AartsPhoto: Invaluable

Henk Laarmans experienced every bargain hunter's dream come true. He bought a painting for 75 euros at a thrift store, and then sold it for over 30 thousand euros on auction on Monday. The painting in question is 'A sunny day in the dunes' by Johan Aarts, RTL Nieuws reports.

After buying the pointillist painting at a thrift store, Laarmans took it to an art expert at Tussen Kunst and Kitsch, who told him he had something valuable in his possession.

Auctioneer Piet van Winden described the painting as "a delightful stop between Van Gogh and Mondriaan". He pointed out that the Netherlands only has a few artists that "courted" pointillism - painting an artwork only in dots - including Van Gogh, Toorop, Vijlbrief and Aarts.

The painting was sold to "a large Dutch collector". And the seller is pleased with the proceeds, Van Winden said. 


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