Counterfeit bone marrow medicine in circulation

Pills (Photo: MorgueFile / Wikimedia Commons)Pills (Photo: MorgueFile / Wikimedia Commons)

The Healthcare Inspectorate warns that there is a counterfeit batch of Jakavi (15 miligrams) - a drug used against bone marrow cancer - in circulation in the Netherlands. The forgery was discovered by a wholesaler in Germany. "Some of the fakes probably also ended up with Dutch patients", the Inspectorate said, ANP reports.

According to the Inspectorate, it has been established that the box and blister are fakes. Whether the tablets themselves are also fake, is not yet clear. 

Jakavi is a medicine used by people with myelofibrosis, a rare form of bone cancer. The counterfeit medicines have been recalled. They have batch numbers SM018 / BA, SM018 / BB, SM018 / BC, SM018 / BD, SM018 / BE, SM018 / BF and SM018 / BG. Pharmacists will contact affected patients.